The University of Edinburgh

Advanced Care Research Centre

Advanced Care Research Centre The ACRC is a multi-disciplinary research programme combining research across fields including medicine and other care professions, engineering, informatics, data and social sciences. Our vision is high‐quality data‐driven, personalised and affordable care that supports the independence, dignity and quality‐of‐life of people in later life living in their own homes and in […]

Tourism, Technology & Data cluster

Tourism, Technology and Data Cluster Our research expertise lies in the investigation of the adoption and use of a range of technology tools in the tourism sector. Equipped with interdisciplinary research experience spanning multiple areas, such as digital marketing, statistics, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we aim to generate impactful research and […]

Centre for Technomoral Futures

Centre for Technomoral Futures The centre’s mission is to unify technical and moral knowledge in new models of research, education, design and engagement that directly serve the goals of sustainable, just and ethical innovation. Our current portfolio of activities, supported by an initial gift from the global investment firm Baillie Gifford, focuses upon the ethical […]

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems  seeks to understand the drivers of food system and planetary health challenges, and drive the development of mutually beneficial solutions through our unique breadth of expertise, holistic approach and strong partnerships.

Population, Health and Place research group

Population, Health and Place research group Based in the School of Geosciences, this group examines the connections between the environment, health and well-being, with a particular interest in health inequalities. is concerned with Commercial determinants of health; Physical and chemical environments and human health; Lifecourse of place; and Secondary data infrastructure.

Centre for Research in Digital Education

Centre for Research in Digital Education The Centre for Research in Digital Education is concerned with how technology, culture and policy intersect with research and practice in digital education. This includes research areas on Digital Cultures, Children & Technology and Data Society, all exploring the various ways we live with technologies, including dealing with potential […]

Mason Institute

Mason Institute The Mason Institute investigates the interface between medicine, life sciences and the law in relation to medical and bioethical developments on a national and global scale.


OPENspace Bringing together experts in landscape architecture, environmental psychology, human geography, forestry, quality of life measures and design for all ages and abilities. Addressing the full spectrum of open space environments – from city parks and squares to remote rural landscapes –their work informs policy on health and wellbeing, social inclusion, countryside access and sustainable […]


SKAPE The Centre for Science, Knowledge and Policy at Edinburgh (SKAPE) brings together academic researchers across a range of disciplines, as well as policy practitioners, to examine the relationships and intersections between different types of science and knowledges on policy, including in environment and sustainability.

One Health Archaeology Research Group

One Health Archaeology Research Group The One Health Archaeology Research Group provides a forum to support interdisciplinary approaches for the study of past human, animal and environmental health and the contribution of these long-term records to current global health challenges.