The University of Edinburgh

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Business, innovation and economy

Entrepreneurship and innovation research group

Research within the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group focuses on innovative, growth-orientated entrepreneurship and the study of innovation surrounding new information and communication technologies.

Centre for Service Excellence

The Centre for Service Excellence is concerned with the management of services across the private and public sectors. Its research activity is clustered around four themes:
  • Co-production and the co-creation of value in service delivery
  • Innovation and change in service delivery
  • Accountability and leadership in service businesses
  • Transforming service delivery in the 21st century

Edinburgh Futures Institute

The Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) brings people, data and diverse disciplines together in our open, what-if environment to spark the unexpected and create new ideas. EFI Research focus on challenges and opportunities posed by Data Driven innovation in four main sectors: Financial Services (including Fintech); Creative Industries; Tourism and Festivals; and Gov-tech and Data Civics. In addition to this, we support two cross cutting themes: Future Infrastructure and the Ethics of Data and AI.

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Business, innovation and economy
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Ethics and regulation
Historical and longitudinal perspectives
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