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Data, digital and AI /
Security, risk and harm


SCRIPT, the Scottish Research Centre for IP and Technology Law, explores the intersection between law, technology and society from a multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdiction perspective. Our research is about the synergetic relationship between law, social norms, ethics, technologies, commerce and society in the widest possible sense.

Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP)

CRISP research focuses on the political, legal, economic and social dimensions of the surveillance society. It is a collaborative initiative between the University of Stirling’s Management School, The University of St Andrews, the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Sciences and School of Law; and the University of Essex.

Digital Sociology

Research in the School of Social and Political science encompassing digital labour, social media, the darknet, and popular music.

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Business, innovation and economy
Equality, diversity and inclusion
Ethics and regulation
Historical and longitudinal perspectives
Place, context and culture
Public attitudes and controversies
Security, risk and harm
User and stakeholder perspectives