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Future health and care /
Ethics and regulation

The Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society (CBSS)

The Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society’s mission is to research the complex social, cultural, ethical, legal, and technological landscape that characterises contemporary biomedicine and healthcare, using critical perspectives from across the social studies of science and medicine, bioethics, and the health humanities,

Mason Institute

The Mason Institute investigates the interface between medicine, life sciences and the law in relation to medical and bioethical developments on a national and global scale.

Social studies of biology and medicine

This research cluster within the School of Social and Political science attempts to identify, understand and answer some of the important questions that medicine and biology pose to individuals, groups and wider society. The diversity of the research is not solely based on what is happening in biomedical technology, science and practice, but the ways in which these advances raise issues that challenge the ethical, legal, political, economic and social status quo.

Global Health Policy Unit

The Global Health Policy Unit are committed to addressing the major global health policy challenges facing countries of all income-levels. Their research is focused on four key areas of contemporary global health debates:

• Universal Health Coverage;

• Commercial Determinants of Health;

• Global Governance of Health;

• Knowledge, Evidence, and Policy

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Business, innovation and economy
Equality, diversity and inclusion
Ethics and regulation
Historical and longitudinal perspectives
Place, context and culture
Public attitudes and controversies
Security, risk and harm
User and stakeholder perspectives