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Place, context and culture

Centre for Population Health Sciences (CPHS)

The Centre for Population Health Sciences is a a truly interdisciplinary research hub, drawing together researchers, clinicians and practitioners from public health, primary care, biomedical and social sciences – with roots going back to the first Chair of Public Health in the UK, established in 1902,

The Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society (CBSS)

The Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society’s mission is to research the complex social, cultural, ethical, legal, and technological landscape that characterises contemporary biomedicine and healthcare, using critical perspectives from across the social studies of science and medicine, bioethics, and the health humanities,

Population, Health and Place research group

Based in the School of Geosciences, this group examines the connections between the environment, health and well-being, with a particular interest in health inequalities. is concerned with Commercial determinants of health; Physical and chemical environments and human health; Lifecourse of place; and Secondary data infrastructure.

Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology

The centre has a wide range of topical and regional expertise, which includes anthropology as applied to: mental health, global health, infectious disease, hospitals and health development bureaucracies, medical anthropology and STS, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, medical enhancement technologies, traditional and alternative healing, gender and reproduction, vaccines and laboratories, migration and health, environmental health and human-animal relationships. Our regional expertise lies in South Asia, North, Central and South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Melanesia.

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food systems

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food systems seeks to understand the drivers of food system and planetary health challenges, and drive the development of mutually beneficial solutions through our unique breadth of expertise, holistic approach and strong partnerships.

Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research

The centre analyse administrative data from across Scotland and the UK, focused on key themes including lifelong health and wellbeing; community safety equality and wellbeing; health and social care and work, wellfare and housing. SCADR is involved in various technological innovation projects which aim to enhance the quality and accessiblity of administrative data for researchers.

Global Health Policy Unit

The Global Health Policy Unit are committed to addressing the major global health policy challenges facing countries of all income-levels. Their research is focused on four key areas of contemporary global health debates:

• Universal Health Coverage;

• Commercial Determinants of Health;

• Global Governance of Health;

• Knowledge, Evidence, and Policy

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